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Lee Tae Seung Eliminated• from the original on April 3, 2016. — He spent his life as a taekwondo competitor. The episode cuts to the girls recording "When the Cherry Blossoms Fade" produced by 's Jin-young who previously produced "In the Same Place" , which they perform at the evaluation. from the original on 30 January 2016. Episode 10 March 25, 2016 [ ] Amidst the eliminations, the girls undergo various lessons make-up and speech , attend a therapy session to share about their current feelings, and participate in a question relay. He ranked 12th in the rap team, 42 overall. Takizawa Tsubasa Birth Name: Takizawa Tsubasa 瀧澤 翼 Age: 16 August 2nd, 2003 Origin: Chiba, Japan Nationality: Japanese Height: 177cm Weight: 60kg Blood Type: O Takizawa Tsubasa Facts: — His hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, impressions and kendama. Mamehara Issei Birth Name: Mamehara Issei 豆原 一成 Age: 17 May 30th, 2002 Origin: Okayama Prefecture, Japan Nationality: Japanese Height: 173cm Weight: 69kg Blood Type: O Mamehara Issei Facts: — His hobbies are dancing, singing, looking at clothes at Mercari and tictok. — His special skill is choreography. ドラマ「アイドルマスター. 「PLEDIS」の専属契約を解除した。 from the original on 24 May 2019. This show has miraculously captured a whole nation, including a large group of Chinese Otakus glued to their computers voting for their biases stop watching the show, yall creepy. I 2016年5月4日 - 2017年1月29日 2017年8月8日 - 3位でI. Ando Yu Birth Name: Ando Yu 安藤 優 Age: 20 October 23rd, 1998 Origin: Yamagata Prefecture, Japan Nationality: Japanese Height: 178cm Weight: 65kg Blood Type: A Ando Yu Facts: — His hobbies are riding motorcycles, watching movies, watching videos on YouTube and cooking. — His hobbies are exercising and reading books. Following the , on November 14, 2019, producer Ahn Joon-young partially admitted to rigging the votes of all seasons of Produce 101 during police questioning. Choi, Na-young July 4, 2016. 6 第6回放送 양화대교 Yanghwa Bridge Zion. Watanabe Taiki• Japan [ ]• 國民製作人代表:• Archived from on December 30, 2018. - 58位 キム・ヨンギョン MIDAS Entertainment練習生 自身のYouTubeチャンネルを開設し、動画投稿を行っている。 — Lee Eugene has trained for four months. The girls resume practice, reassigning parts and meeting with the producers to record studio versions of their songs. from the original on July 14, 2020. from the original on 2019-04-24. Kim Hee Cheon• — He works as a model and and actor. Kim So-hee 15th of , initially made it to the official contestant lineup for the adaptation of the hit Japanese anime but backed out. Son, Hyo-jung 25 March 2016. 12th• After the performance, announced the departure of 3 trainees from the show and also announced that the last 37 contestants on the rankings will be eliminated in the next episode. 崔秉燦因退賽而沒有參與放送 參考資料 [ ]• — His hobby is being good at all sports. — His hobbies are enjoying music, watching movies, playing the piano and listening to English. Lee Jae Bin Eliminated• Countdown and are given the song "Pick Me" which they must learn in the following days. Kim, Eun-jeong 18 December 2015. Episode 11 April 1, 2016 [ ] The episode begins showing the girls' audition tapes, as well as their final confessional interviews. Jang Keun-suk announces that the evaluation will have an audience of 3000, far more than the 1000 they've had in previous evaluations. Instagram 75位 ホ・セム A. Yamamoto Kenta• 位置評價全體排名(Rap組) 經紀公司 漢字 全體排名 票數 含加成 E娛樂 元奕 1 151,400 MBK娛樂 南到賢 2 49,900 樂華娛樂 曹承衍 3 478 Vine 白眞 4 410 個人練習生 金成淵 5 378 Maroo企劃 李優珍 6 367 Around Us 娛樂 鄭在訓 7 354 Esteem 朴俞里 8 340 位置評價全體排名(Vocal組) 經紀公司 漢字 全體排名 票數 含加成 TOP Media 金宇碩 1 160,600 Plan A娛樂 韓勝宇 2 58,000 Music Works 宋有彬 3 54,500 BRAND NEW MUSIC 李垠尚 4 49,000 Maroo企劃 李津宇 5 571 Woollim 車俊昊 6 533 Jellyfish娛樂 金旻奎 7 508 Plan A娛樂 崔秉燦 8 473 BRAND NEW MUSIC 尹晶煥 9 427 個人練習生 李協 10 413 A. was in the line-up for another Mnet reality show, the female rap survival. He has since apologies to the staff of Produce X 101 , JYP Entertainment, and the fans for any trouble he has caused them. — Seungyoun now uses the Name WOODZ for his solo activities. 概念風格評價練習及現場舞台表演• Cumulative sales for "Fingertips":• Nishiyama Kazuki• Yuri Eliminated• Episode 1 — His hobby is playing with younger siblings. — Joo Chang Wook Eliminated Episode 11 Birth Name: Joo Chang Wook 주창욱 Age: July 25, 2001 Company: Woollim Entertainment Nationality: Korean Height: 180cm Weight: 59kg Blood Type: A Joo Chang Wook Facts: — Chang Wook has trained for a year and 3 months. Kim Yoon Dong Birth Name: Kim Yoon Dong キム・ユンドン Age: 24 February 19th, 1995 Origin: Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 176cm Weight: 61kg Blood Type: A Kim Yoon Dong Facts: — His hobbies are playing soccer and drawing. Lee Soo-min made it into the line-up of the final female team, but the group lost to the male team. 藍色X為透過X復活戰復活的成員。


— He is skilled at impersonations and singing. 4 第4回放送 1班: 2班: Break It 2007年 ep. Lee, Eun-jin 2 April 2016. Do not create pages without information or formatting. 前10名及4次投票數累積最高者,共11位練習生獲選為出道。 from the original on 26 January 2016. — — Suhwan has become really close with Yuvin, being that they have done everything together except the concept performance. Tony Eliminated Episode 12 Birth Name: Tony 토니 Age: August 21, 2002 Company: Hongyi Entertainment Nationality: Chinese-Canadian Height: 185cm Weight: 69kg Blood Type: B Tony Facts: — Tony has been training for 8 months. 出道位前10名練習生除外總票數第一的練習生將為X成員。


Episode 4 February 12, 2016 [ ] The second half of the groups perform the respective songs and rehearsals for the groups are shown. 2018年6月にはサブユニットのgugudanSEMINAとしてデビュー。 Baek Jin Eliminated• from the original on 2 April 2016. I解散後、2017年3月にPRISTINとしてデビューするも2019年5月24日をもって解散。 。


10月1日,首尔地方警察厅宣布因该节目投票数作假,已立案调查Starship、Woolim、MBK等涉事经纪公司,并于10月16日针对该节目制作团队展开进一步调查。 then announces the top 20 trainees with coming in 1st for the first ranking evaluation, and finally the 61st and last trainee, 's Hwang A-young, who was saved from elimination. Ra, Hyo-jin 12 March 2016. DE under 2able Company with their first single "Strawberry" on June 19, 2016. On the day of the performances, several eliminated trainees are shown in the audience in support of the other girls. CH Entertainment and joined on October 8, 2019. Instagram 38位 パク・ヘヨン A. KOR: 579,478 "At the Same Place" Girls on Top 8• It's dumb for people to just assume stuff without researching, Mei Qi and Xuan Yi is more well known to Americans, because they debuted in Korea, and Americans simply know more about Korean Idols than they do Chinese Idols. Keito Ichibata Birth Name: Keito Ichibata 五十畑 颯斗 Age: 26 December 4th, 1992 Origin: Tokyo, Japan Nationality: Japanese Height: 172cm Weight: 55kg Blood Type: B Keito Ichibata Facts: — His hobby is watching anime. 関連項目 [ ]• A, a result of the Mnet The God of Music 2, as it released a remake of 's "Why Do You Call Me? 獲勝隊伍可額外獲得福利票數三千票,獲勝隊伍中的第一名更得到原有票數乘以 十倍作為額外福利票數,並將以 粗體顯示其個人得票數。 Kim Mi-so 73rd• I released its final single "Downpour" on January 18, 2017. First voting period [ ] Rank Episode 1 Online votes Episode 2 Online votes Episode 3 Online votes Episode 4 Live votes Episode 5 Total votes Name Votes Name Votes 1 Jeon So-mi Jeon So-mi Kim Se-jeong 1,204 Kim Se-jeong 559,694 2 Kim Se-jeong Kim Se-jeong Hwang Soo-yeon 1,180 Jeon So-mi 528,772 3 Kang Mi-na Kang Mi-na 1,160 Choi Yoojung 392,773 4 Zhou Jieqiong Kim Danielle Kim Ju-na 1,137 Zhou Jieqiong 387,537 5 Jung Eun-woo Kim Na-young Ki Hui-hyeon Kim Do-yeon 1,125 Kang Mi-na 376,977 6 Ki Hui-hyeon Kim Danielle Zhou Jieqiong Jeon So-mi 1,118 Ki Hui-hyeon 294,540 7 Kim Danielle Heo Chan-mi Kim Na-young Kim Min-kyeong 1,117 Kim Danielle 273,930 8 Kang Mi-na Jung Chae-yeon Choi Yoo-jung Kang Yae-bin 1,100 Jung Chae-yeon 251,469 9 Kim Na-young Ki Hui-hyeon Heo Chan-mi Park Si-yeon 1,097 Kim Na-young 250,552 10 Kwon Eun-bin Jung Chae-yeon Kim Si-hyeon 1,088 Jeon So-yeon 230,395 11 Jeon So-yeon Park Min-ji 1,087 227,670 Notes• — He was born in Seoul, South Korea. Inoue Minato• Won Hyuk Eliminated• Park Sion Eliminated• 後継番組 [ ] シーズン2 [ ]• Hae-in will be a supporting actor in the 2016 remake of. G 防彈少年團&TroyBoi 金國憲 A 宋有彬 A• ツバサ3強化された練習生トレーニングシステム よりグローバルなボーイズグループに成長させるため、前回よりさらに洗練されたシステムを構築。

Yuri Eliminated Episode 8 Stage Name: Yuri 유리 Birth Name: Park Yuri 박유리 Age: December 28, 1994 Company: ESteem Nationality: Russian Height: 186cm Weight: 68kg Blood Type: B Instagram: Yuri Facts: — Yuri has trained for 3 years. Lee Hwan Eliminated• conic 權泰恩 11 384 iMe Korea 李洗賑 12 371 紅熠文化 魏子越 13 - Source Music 金炫彬 14 - OUI 金曜漢 15 362 AAP. Cumulative sales for "Yum-Yum":• Kang Seok Hwa Eliminated• — His hobby is playing basketball. Instagram 51位 パク・ハイ JUKEBOX 2016年 ソロ活動 2017年6月2日 - 、女優 2017年6月にソロデビュー。

— His skills are singing, rapping, dancing and composing music. Jeong Young Hoon• 每首歌曲組合以6位練習生為標準,組員超出的組合進行內部投票,選出被移除的組員納入組員不足的組合。 Again, and are called up as contenders for 1st, and again, Jeon So-mi takes the win, confirming her position as I. " Ranking [ ] The top 11 contestants chosen through popularity online voting at Produce 101's homepage and audience's live voting, shown at the end of each episode. — He was born in Jeju but moved to Busan when he was 2. In Japan, the first episode of Produce 101 aired via Mnet Japan on April 3, 2016, followed by 11 weeks of episodes every Friday starting on April 8. 2020年、ドラマ「マンガな彼氏」でヒロイン役を演じるなど女優としても活動している。 — Kim Jin Gon Eliminated Episode 5 Birth Name: Kim Jin Gon 김진곤 Age: December 1, 1998 Company: ESteem Nationality: Korean Height: 185cm Weight: 64kg Blood Type: O Kim Jin Gon Facts: — Jin Gon has only trained for 4 months. 導師 [ ]• The first is a consideration test to see who would be willing to help a staff struggling with two heavy packs of water bottles. conic娛樂 21 74 57 66 46 32 34 38 姜錫華 강석화 個人練習生 20 21 29 35 35 34 35 55 白眞 백진 Vine娛樂 25 30 32 42 45 30 36 2 李美談 이미담 AAP. Choi Byung Hoon Eliminated Episode 5 Birth Name: Choi Byung Hoon 최병훈 Age: April 26, 2000 Company: Enfant Terrible Entertainment Nationality: Korean Height: 174cm Weight: 57kg Blood Type: AB Choi Byung Hoon Facts: — Byung Hoon has trained for a year and 1 month. — His hobbies are eating, watching movies, K-pop dance covers, and writing lyrics. Choi Si Hyuk Eliminated• — His skills are singing, fixing and popping things. Ham Ye-ji 72nd• Hwang, Soo-jeong 5 March 2016. 2019年5月24日をもって解散。


— His special skill is soft tennis. — Han Seung Woo Debut Team Birth Name: Han Seung Woo 한승우 Birthday: December 24, 1994 Company: Plan A Nationality: Korean Height: 182cm Weight: 63kg Blood Type: B Han Seung Woo Facts: — Seung Woo has trained for 7 years and 2 months. (L)代表隊長,(C)代表C位,票數高者為獲勝組。 — His special skill is playing soft tennis. — His special skills is dancing, long distance running and karate. Lee Su-hyun 13th left in May 2016 after legal battle. デビュー評価 楽曲 楽曲名 作曲者 本放送 番組 公式動画 Crush Ryan S. — He trained for 2 years and 3 months. Song Yu Vin Eliminated• Min, Hea Jung 21 January 2016. 5年可於原本公司進行活動,由SWING娛樂管理。


Instagram 15位 C. Anzardi Timothee Eliminated• They are informed they will have 3 days to practice, and then be reassigned to their final groups after a re-evaluation. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. Kim Kwan Woo Eliminated• Jeong Jae Hun Eliminated Episode 8 Birth Name: Jeong Jae Hun 정재훈 Age: December 112000 Company: Around Us Nationality: Korean Height: 180cm Weight: 68kg Blood Type: B Jeong Jae Hun Facts: — Jae Hun has trained for a year and 3 months. Their points from the live voting will be combined with their online votes which will then determine their scores. Jo, In-kyung 20 February 2016. 第一次排名儀式 淘汰第61-99名• Instagram 82位 キム・ソルア ソロ活動 2017年3月31日 - 2017年3月31日、「봄 타나봐」でソロデビュー。 in Korean• He is the main rapper in along with Kim Woo Seok. Kim Min Seo Woollim• — He is apart of the group with his older brother Taehyun former member of and his position is bassist. — His special skills is dancing and playing football. Kono Junki• — Lee Won Jun Eliminated Episode 8 Birth Name: Lee Won Jun 이원준 Age: March 8, 2002 Company: E Entertainment Nationality: Korean Height: 171cm Weight: 58k Blood Type: A Lee Won Jun Facts: — Won Jun has trained for 9 months. For the first and second voting period, viewers are allowed to select 11 trainees per vote, however on third round, the system changed to only one trainee per vote. — His hobbies are playing baseball, ping-pong, and bowling. Episode 6 February 26, 2016 [ ] once again met up with the trainees to announce the next challenge. In the Asian and North American region, the first episode of Produce101 aired via on May 4, 2016, followed by 11 weeks of episodes every Wednesday starting May 11. She made her solo debut in April, 2019 with the single "Click Click". I 2016年5月4日 - 2017年1月29日 2016年6月28日 - 2020年12月31日 女優 9位でI. — He attended Seoul Eunpyeong Elementary School. Aired: Apr 21, 2018 - Jun 23, 2018• A high-five event had been held with the first 500 people that arrived at the concert, with Kim Se-jeong receiving the most high-fives. I SNS Produce 101 by Trainee SNS Accounts Other Subs : general kpop : girl group focused. Each girl was introduced with a profile, photos, and video introductions. — His hobbies include b-boying, kick boarding, and skateboarding. — After the first episode, Seobin has left the show and JYP due to a underage drinking and smoking photos as well as accusations of bullying in his past. Kim, Hyun-min 13 February 2016. Iとしてデビュー するも2017年に解散。


— His Skills are rapping, dancing, and taekwondo. This will help us make everything unified and easy to navigate. Ng Sze Kai 23rd , Heo Chan-mi 26th , Lee Soo-min 31st , Park Hae-young 38th , Lim Jeong-min 57th , Kang Si-hyeon 61st , Kim Si-hyeon 69th and Kim Yun-ji 84th joined. Nakagawa Ginsuke Birth Name: Nakagawa Ginsuke 中川 吟亮 Age: 20 March 15th, 1999 Origin: Fukuoka, Japan Nationality: Japanese Height: 169cm Weight: 52kg Blood Type: B Nakagawa Ginsuke Facts: — His hobbies are talking to people,singing, writing, writing lyrics, watching movies and reading. Y 119,932 40 660,757 20 780,689 25 未公開 26 未公開 未公開 김시훈 350,549 18 456,615 24 807,164 24 未公開 27 未公開 未公開 崔壽桓 최수환 個人練習生 280,824 24 363,605 29 644,429 28 未公開 28 未公開 未公開 周昌煜 주창욱 140,627 38 357,875 30 498,502 31 未公開 29 未公開 未公開 金炫彬 김현빈 290,830 23 432,101 25 722,931 27 未公開 30 未公開 未公開 第二輪淘汰成員 文賢彬 문현빈 115,595 41 350,380 32 465,975 34 淘汰 元奕 원혁 E娛樂 70,759 57 337,662 33 408,421 40 權泰恩 권태은 A. They are then given their new grades and asked to move to their new rooms by grade. — His special skills are speaking basic Korean. from the original on 2021-02-02. — His special skills are dancing and playing the piano. — Lim Da Hun Eliminated Episode 5 Birth Name: Lim Da Hun 임다훈 Age: June 24, 2000 Company: Kiwi Media Nationality: Korean Height: 174cm Weight: 56kg Blood Type: A Lim Da Hun Facts: — Da Hun has trained for 2 years and 2 months. They are known as ''s sister group' under. The trainees start their second mission, which is group performances with live audience. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Masayoshi Ikemoto Birth Name: Masayoshi Ikemoto 池本 正義 Age: 17 November 7th, 2001 Origin: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Nationality: Japanese Height: 169cm Weight: 52kg Blood Type: B Masayoshi Ikemoto Facts: — His hobbies are watching soccer games, playing games and walking. Gaon Weekly Digital Chart• TO MY WORLD• from the original on 16 June 2016. — Cha Jun Ho Debut Team Birth Name: Cha Jun Ho 차준호 Birthday: July 9, 2002 Company: Woollim Entertainment Nationality: Korean Height: 178cm Weight: 63kg Blood Type: A Cha Jun Ho Facts: — Jun Ho has trained for a year and 3 months. from the original on 2 June 2016. According to the contract, the agencies and trainees are prohibited from legal action against manipulated edits made on the show and from revealing unreleased information. from the original on August 11, 2018. Lee Jun Hyuk Eliminated• Lee Se Jin Eliminated Episode 12 Birth Name: Lee Se Jin 이세진 Age: April 3, 1996 Company: iME Nationality: Korean Height: 173cm Weight: 51kg Blood Type: O Instagram: Lee Se Jin Facts: — Se Jin has only trained for 5 months. Kang Min Hee Debut Team Birth Name: Kang Min Hee 강민희 Birthday: September 17, 2002 Company: Starship Entertainment Nationality: Korean Height: 182cm Weight: 60kg Blood Type: AB Instagram: Kang Min Hee Facts: — Minhee has trained for a year and 9 months. from the original on April 6, 2019. Peak Eliminated• — He is able to speak Chinese. 4 第4回放送 1班: 2班: 라차타 LA chA TA 2009年 ep. Yu Su-a 53rd is currently under Krazy Ent. (L)代表隊長,(C)代表C位,票數高者為獲勝組。